When will players realise that they have responsibilities?

In the last two days we have seen the most blatant attempts by some players to have opponents sent off. Sadly the attempts were mostly successful.

Simulation to gain a penalty kick is bad enough but play acting and cheating to have an opponent sent off is totally unacceptable.

On Sunday Brazilian forward Kaka was sent off after Ivory Coast forward Kader Keita ran into his back and then fell to the ground clutching his face.

The referee who could not have seen the incident gave Kaka a yellow card, his second of the match, and he was sent off.

Yesterday we had the delayed reaction concussion from Honduran Emilioi Izaguirre. Spanish forward, David Villa stupidly slapped Izaguirre but the Honduran took 6 seconds before clutching his face, which was not struck, and throwing himself to the ground.

What was a world class player like Villa thinking about and how ridiculous did Izaguirre look?

The match between Switzerland and Chile also had a red card which changed the match.

The Swiss player Behrami swung his arm into the face of Chilean midfielder Arturo Vidal on the touchline. It was stupid and he deserved to be sent off for violent conduct.

Vidal’s response, however, was excessive. He wanted to maximise the chance of having an opponent sent off and lay down clutching his face.

It annoys me when referees are criticised for giving what they believe to be correct and honest decisions when the aim of some players is only to cheat and deceive.

These players do not only cheat the referee.

They cheat the World Cup and the whole of football.

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