Change is in the air for refereeing before the next World Cup according to Jerome Valcke, the FIFA General Secretary.

He admitted that TV replays showing the Frank Lampard ‘goal’ against Germany made it a bad day for FIFA.

“We are talking about a goal not seen by the referee which is why we are talking about new technology.”

He suggested that the UEFA sponsored experiment with an additional assistant behind each goal would be considered as well as goal line technology.

“Perhaps giving the referee an additional four eyes will give him the comfort and make his duty easier to perform,” he said.

This signals a change of policy by FIFA which was the key mover in the rejection of the experiment on goal line technology at the International FA Board meeting in March.

I think it is inevitable that goal line technology will be introduced in the next year.

Once the principle has been established it will be for the research companies to come up with a solution.

At present the leading players are Cairos who are involved with adidas in developing ball chip technology and Hawkeye which is a system designed for football and based on the basic principles which are used in tennis .

There is no reason why both systems should not be available to be used by confederations, national associations or leagues. If the system proves it can deliver what is required, it will be available to anyone who wants to buy it.

The cost will be considerable and it will probably only be used by wealthy organisations such as the top European leagues and the confederations as well as FIFA.

The media have been highly critical of a number of decisions in the World Cup. They argue that referees must have access to the TV replays which show mistakes.

I think they will be disappointed.

The only decision which would have been changed would be the English goal against Germany.

Video evidence is a different matter and the football authorities are strongly against introducing it.

I agree with their stance.

The referee must apply the Laws in ‘in his opinion.’

If you want a sanitised sport try chess – and how many people watch the Final of the World Chess Championships?

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