In the past few days Bayern Munich coach Louis van Gaal has blasted FIFA for its hesitancy to use technology in aiding referees.

“FIFA boss Sepp Blatter said at the World Cup that the subject of technology in football would be on the table. Now it is gone,” Van Gaal said. “This is his strategy. Only it is not fair play.

“Sepp Blatter is old fashioned. This rule committee is a committee of old men,” fumed the Bayern coach. “It is not transparent. We do not know who the people are behind it.”

Van Gaal also stated he was disappointed that football legends such as Johann Cruyff and Franz Beckenbauer did not agree with his support of using technology to decide controversial decisions.

By the very nature of the job they do, coaches are strong personalities. The top coaches demand top performances from their players – most of them millionaires in their own right – and get them.

They are not, however, experts on the Laws of the Game. Their expertise lies in coaching not in applying and understanding the Laws.

They see things through a limited perspective. They insist that the opposing defender who continually fouls his own forward must be punished by the referee – unless it is his own defender who has been instructed to do exactly the same.

We must listen to the opinions of coaches but we must not be seduced by their position and status.

You know, sometimes Sepp Blatter and his ‘committee of old men,’ know better than the coaches!

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