The second leg of the UEFA Champions League Final Qualifying match between Udinese and Arsenal was an exiting match between two teams with much at stake.

Victory would qualify the winners to take part in the lucrative Champions League which could earn the club around £25 million. Defeat would mean involvement in the Europa Cup, the second tier UEFA competition, where the financial rewards are much less.

Udinese scored first through its excellent captain Antonio Di Natale to level the tie before Robin Van Persie scored an important away goal to bring the match level and put Arsenal ahead in the tie.

The critical moment came in the 58th minute when Arsenal defender Thomas Vermaelen was adjudged by Portuguese referee, Olegario Benquerenca, to have handled a cross ball from a corner. It was hard to see the offence and there appeared no claims by Udinese players.

The penalty did not seem to be awarded immediately the offence had occurred and it may have been a decision made on the advice of the additional assistant on the goal line, as part of the present experiment.

As it happened, Arsenal goalkeeper Szcsesny saved the kick and the tie turned in Arsenal’s favour.

With 20 minutes to go there was another incident at the other end when Theo Walcott appeared to be struck in the face by an Udinese defender. The home crowd complained about Walcott over-reacting but television replays showed that contact had been made.

Significantly, the offence was not picked up by the additional assistant on the goal line.

If this had been reported by the additional assistant it would have resulted in a red card and a penalty kick.

Which brings me to my main point.

The criteria set by the International FA Board for goal line technology demand accuracy to within 1cm on whether the ball has crossed the line or not.

If the introduction of additional assistants along the goal line is to be an alternative to goal line technology, these assistants must have the same percentage of accuracy in the information they pass to the referee.

Remember also that they must be accurate not only with whether or not the ball has crossed the goal line but with all incidents inside the penalty area.

In too many situations these additional assistants do not seem to be prepared to make the big decisions inside the penalty area.

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