In my time at FIFA and at the Scottish FA I have attended 16 Annual General Meetings of the International FA Board as well as Business Meetings and meetings of the Technical Sub-Committee.

I therefore take a keen interest in what is being discussed at the law making body of world football.

The Agenda for the 126th Annual General Meeting has its usual mixture of major and minor proposals, often promoted by members of the Board who are only acting as a vehicle for other interest groups whether or not they agree and indeed will support the proposals when it comes to the vote.

It is not unusual for a member of the Board to propose a certain amendment and say at the same time that it does not expect the amendment to be approved and indeed would be happy if it was rejected.

The Board member can therefore say to its constituent that it did raise a certain matter but it was rejected by the other ‘bad guys’.

I believe, and hope, the proposal of the Football Association to propose modifications to the Notes on the Laws of the Game – Modifications fits into this category.

Basically it proposes to allow modifications to the substitution procedures in all football except ‘the most senior domestic competition of a member association’.

Does this phrase mean the national cup is more important than the national league or vice versa? Which one would the modification apply to?

By my reading of the text, in any but the top national competition, this could allow any number of substitutions as well as rolling substitutes when players could be substituted and then return to the field of play later in the match.

If this proposal were to be accepted it could alter the whole concept of football worldwide regarding substitutions.

It could cause chaos and should be strongly resisted by the other members of the IFAB

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