The recent announcement by FIFA that two of the companies developing goal line technology had fulfilled the criteria required by the International FA Board has raised the stakes in the technology argument.

FIFA President, Sepp Blatter, a well known late convert to goal line technology, has stated that he expects it will be in place for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Will this now be the death knell of the UEFA experiment with the additional goal line assistants?

Probably yes.

Blatter has never been a strong supporter of this system but did not oppose it directly, and so oppose its architect, UEFA President Michel Platini, during the run up to what could have been a very close FIFA Presidential Election.

There is no need to placate Platini now that Blatter has been re-elected and given the general opposition to the principle from European clubs and the implications of introducing it worldwide it seems dead in the water.

It would have been killed completely if the last minute goal scored by Manchester United in the last few minutes against Basel in the Champions League had not been awarded but the officials got it right.

No matter how many officials are in charge of the match, it all depends on each individual getting every decision absolutely correct.

It is Utopia to expect this to happen but will goal line technology really improve the beautiful game?

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