An interesting item on the Agenda of the International FA Board meeting in London on 3rd March 2012 will be a request by the Asian Football Confederation that the ban on women’s wearing headscarves be overturned.

AFC Acting President Zhang said “Many women footballers in Asia wear headscarves,”

“I would like to request the IFAB to favourably consider FIFA’s proposal and review the rule and allow women players to play wearing a safe headscarf that covers the neck,” he said.

“My colleagues in the AFC Executive Committee strongly support the idea of reviewing the rule and I think it is in the interests of women’s football worldwide.”

He said several new designs of headscarves are now commercially available in the market that ensures the safety of the player.

This seems a sensible request.

The Laws over the years have been adapted to meet new demands and making headscarves legal will take away a major source of controversy, not only in Asia but in many other countries where religions demand certain dress codes.

Allowing headscarves will also raise the question of whether the ban on snoods which was passed at the Board meeting in 2011 should now be reversed.

Law 4 Players’ Equipment states that ‘A player must not wear anything that is dangerous to himself or another player (including any kind of jewellery).’

Headscarves and snoods do not seem to come into that category.

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