It had to happen.

A EURO 2012 goal/no goal controversy in the match between the co-hosts Ukraine and England.

The ball was cleared by English defender John Terry but it had fully crossed the goal line and a goal should have been awarded by the referee, Viktor Kassai of Hungary on the advice of his additional assistant referee.

The fact that a Ukrainian player may have been offside in the build up to the goal merely complicates the matter.

The additional assistant experiment , approved by the International FA Board, but essentially driven by UEFA and its President Michel Platini has been shown to be flawed.

UEFA referees, according to unofficial reports, do not favour the additional assistant experiment, but how many are going to tell President Platini that his idea, which to be fair to him, he has promoted for over a decade, does not work?

Similarly UEFA’s Chief Refereeing Officer Pierluigi Collina and his colleagues are not going to publicly oppose Platini.

Sepp Blatter, the President of FIFA, has stated clearly that this incident merely emphasises that goal line technology is essential but he only reverted to this position after England had an obvious goal disallowed in the match with Germany in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

There is a political side to this argument.

FIFA now wants to introduce goal line technology and seems to have two proven systems, the English Hawkeye System and GoalRef, a Danish/German system.

Platini and UEFA are totally against goal line technology and favour additional assistants.

The IFAB meets in Zurich on 5th July to make a final decision and probably both systems will be approved.

However both systems have limited viability throughout world football because of the costs involved but they can be installed for a major competition.

After the Ukraine v England decision, Blatter seems to have the upper hand and it is very unlikely that 24 or so teams of five officials will make the trip to Brazil in 2014.

Hawkeye and/or GoalRef, however, might be on the team sheet!

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