The International FA Board, founded in 1886, is the oldest international body in world football.

Over the past 126years, it has been a wonderful servant to football fulfilling its role as the guardian of the Laws of the Game which are accepted worldwide.

The recent changes to the Laws of the Game, approved at the IFAB Meeting in March 2012 are not major.

The colour of tape on players’ stockings is hardly going to change the face of world football, neither is the position of advertising boards around the field of play.

The IFAB, however, has a made an error by introducing a change to Law 8 – The Start and Restart of Play.

The proposal by the Football Association to disallow a goal scored when a ball is kicked directly into an opponent’s goal at a restart from an uncontested dropped ball , was seen as a way of overcoming the unusual situation of a goal being scored from this restart.

This law change is basically flawed according to the Laws of the Game since Law 8 states that play restarts when the ball touches the ground.

How then can the IFAB approve a law change which does not allow a goal to be scored when the ball is in play?

What is meant by kicking a ball directly into an opponents’ goal. If the kicker takes two kicks of the ball before kicking it into the goal is that allowed?

It is an unsound change and should never have been passed by the IFAB.

The composition of the IFAB is under pressure from reviews being taken at present by FIFA.

To justify its position in world football it must not only be the guardian of the Laws of the Game, it must also be accurate in its decisions.

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