Sometimes coaches can get carried away with themselves.

How many times do coaches say in the post match press conference that they did not see a controversial incident which favoured their team while having perfect vision to see another incident the same distance away which went against their team?

Pearce’s comments before the opening Team GB match against Senegal do not fall into that category.

He believes that the presence of Team GB in the Olympics ‘can happen more often and say to the public that this is a valid tournament.’

In this unique situation, Team GB qualifies for the Olympic Football Tournament because London is the host city. Every other team in the competition has had to qualify through their confederation’s qualification competitions.

How could a Team GB ever qualify for the next Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro when there is no such thing as a GB Team to take part in the UEFA qualification matches.

England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales participate in the UEFA Under-21 Championship, which is the qualifying tournament for the Olympics every four years, as separate nations.

A team GB can never qualify, since neither England, Scotland, Northern Ireland nor Wales are members of the Olympic movement.

Pearce, whose own position in the new FA coaching hierarchy is in doubt, should accept that the London Olympics is a one off situation.

There will be no legacy from the Team GB involvement in London.

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