We are now in to the knock out stages of the 2020 FIFA World Cup and things are different from what happened in the past two weeks.

All teams try to avoid losing the opening match but the third group match can be exciting and mean something, like the matches between USA and Algeria and England and Slovenia which determined the result of Group C or it can be a boring 90 minutes of tantrums and poor football such as we saw between Brazil and Portugal and the no contact latter stages between Spain and Chile.

Now it is sudden death and things will change.

What will happen between old enemies Germany and England?

 Who knows, but it will be highly competitive with both teams going for the victory which will avoid a penalty shoot out.

For the referees appointed to these matches, these are major tests.

One wrong decision, one bad signal from an assistant referee, can have a major influence on the tournament and also have a major influence on the progress of the referee trios.

The matches in the Round of 16 are no place for novices who have never had to perform in the white hot heat of top matches in different confederations.

That is why FIFA will only appoint experienced referees who have been over the course.

The referees for the next four matches in Round 2 are from Uruguay, Germany, Hungary and Italy.

The tournament is beginning to hot up!

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