Sunday was not a good day for the refereeing teams.

In the afternoon match between Germany and England we had a major error by the Uruguayan assistant to deny Frank Lampard of England a clear goal when the ball struck the crossbar and bounced over the line.

This had a major influence on the match since England, although not playing well would have gone in at half time level, with every chance of changing things round in the second half.

In the evening match we had another error by an assistant referee when the Italian official failed to signal that Carlos Tevez of Argentina was offside by at least one metre when the ball was played to him by Lionel Messi.

 It does not matter what position he was in when he headed the ball, the important point is where he was standing when the ball was played.

Losing this goal was a major blow to the Mexican team which had more than held its own with the talented Argentinians until then.

On 11th June, the first day of the World Cup, I mentioned in my first article:

‘This raises the question of where the problems could arise during the tournament. The most obvious problems will occur with the assistants.’

I think this comment has proved to be correct today.

The refereeing teams progress as a team or fail as a team.

The refereeing teams today made major errors.

It is very difficult to see how FIFA can give another appointment in the quarter final, semi final or final to the refereeing teams of Jorge Larrionda of Uruguay and Roberto Rosetti of Italy.

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