The 2010 FIFA World Cup is now getting to the interesting stage.

Sudden death matches in the round of 16 onwards mean that there is no benefit in taking a negative approach.

The top teams are beginning to emerge.

Germany v Argentina is a mouth watering encounter in the quarter finals as is the match between Brazil and Holland.

In refereeing the top teams are also beginning to emerge.

Howard Webb of England was always in control of the last 16 match between Brazil and Chile while the refereeing controversies on Sunday involving Roberto Rosetti of Italy and Jorge Larrionda of Uruguay will surely be a major hindrance to their advance in the tournament.

Alberto Udiano of Spain had a better performance in the match between Netherlands and Slovakia, after his first match but it is difficult to see him featuring in the final stages of the competition.

Progress of the referees in the World Cup is also influenced by the success of their own teams.

Rosetti and Webb will have a chance to progress now that Italy and England are out of the tournament, as will Massimo Bussaco of Switzerland.

For the South American referees the chances of progress seem limited because South American teams have been very successful so far.

Expect early exits from the World Cup for Hector Baldassi of Argentina and Carlos Simon of Brazil because of the progress of their own teams.

Two dark horses will be the Asian referees, Yuichi Nishimura and Ravshan Irmatov who have each moved through their first three matches without controversy.

There are seven matches left after Tuesday’s ties and there is all to play for both players and referees.

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