The goal line technology debate is now headline news.

Following the major error in the England v Germany match when a Frank Lampard goal was disallowed when it was clearly over the line, FIFA President Sepp Blatter has stated that he now wishes to re-open the goal line technology debate.

He had no other option.

FIFA declared at the International FA Board AGM in February that it wanted to end all goal line technology research and experiments, much to the disappointment of the Football association and the Scottish Football Association.

Events in South Africa have since proved this stance to be deeply flawed and at a news briefing today, the FIFA President said:

“Having witnessed such a situation,” Blatter said, “we have to open again this file, definitely. Naturally we will take on board again the discussion about technology. Something has to be changed.”

I expect the go ahead to be given to the companies researching the technology.

This is a very complex technical problem and has been investigated for a number of years.

Hawkeye in tennis is not the same as Hawkeye in football since the goals are not just the goal line, but a surface from the ground to the crossbar through which the whole ball must pass.

The adidas/Cairos system works with a microchip in the ball and there have already been problems in its experimental stage during the 2008 FIFA World Youth Championship in Chile.

There is no reason why both systems should not be available to leagues or national associations which wish to use the technology so long as they have been proved to be effective.

There is still some way to go before we have a system which is 100% and we may never reach that target, but things have definitely changed in the last two days.

Sepp Blatter is aware he must change his position and he will.

As far as video replays are concerned, however, there is no chance of them being approved.

And rightly so!

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