Search engines like Google give us all instant access to information. Choose a subject and within milliseconds you have thousands of answers to you question.

Unless the question is “How do you prepare to referee a World Cup Final?”

Howard Webb will need no help in finding out from Google how to prepare for the match tonight.

His preparation has been going on for years of course since he started refereeing. As he gained more experience and gained promotion so he became familiar with the many attributes needed to be a top referee.

These qualities were the ones which saw him selected for the World Cup in the first place and now he has been appointed to the Final, the ultimate achievement for any referee.

The preparation for the Final will be a continuation of what has been taking place at the Referee Headquarters in Pretoria.

Howard and his team will have examined DVDs of the two teams over and over again to look at their tactics, the players in the teams, the way they set up at set pieces and so on.

The coaches of Spain and Netherlands will have done exactly the same in preparing their teams for tonight’s match.

‘If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.’

Howard Webb and his team will be well prepared

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