You can never under-estimate the power of football to overcome, or at least by-pass, special problems.

Some parts of Russia have recently been devastated by fires which have destroyed villages, resulted in a number of deaths and threatened nuclear and military installations.

But we are talking about the bid for the 20108 FIFA World Cup and this is a major priority for Russia.

The Russian Bid Committee for the 2018/2022 FIFA World has already been in contact with FIFA about the visit of the FIFA inspection group which is due to take place from 16 to 19 August 2010.

Bid CEO Alexey Sorokin said: “We are closely monitoring the developments together with the government of the Russian Federation and are in contact with FIFA. The itinerary of the inspection is such that we expect to be able to go ahead with the visit of the FIFA team as planned, with special arrangements being put in place for the part of the visit in Moscow.”

The itinerary will visit four proposed Host Cities, with three of four, namely St. Petersburg, Kazan and Sochi not being affected by the wildfire situation.

It is a very intensive trip by the FIFA Inspection Team.

The FIFA Inspection Team is due to arrive in Saint Petersburg on Monday, 16 August for the first stop on the four day-tour and will visit a number of facilities there. On Tuesday, 17 August, meetings are scheduled with the federal government and visits to a number of buildings which are possible sites for the FIFA Congress and the Final Draw.

Organising the FIFA World Cup also involves organising the Final Draw as well as the FIFA Congress which takes place shortly before the start of the tournament.

The importance of winning the bid for Russia cannot be underestimated.

No effort will be spared to impress the FIFA inspection group, not even overcoming problems caused by some of the worst fires in Russia’s history.

For the Game. For the World!

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