The fallout from the FIFA decision to award the 2018 World Cup to Russia continues.

The FA delegation has called foul over the fact that promised votes by FIFA Executive Committee members did not materialise.

Welcome to the world of football politics!

Promised votes did not emerge, no matter the lobbying of the UK Prime Minister, the future King or David Beckham.

England had the best technical bid, without a doubt. It has the stadia in place as well as the infrastructure.

The bid, however, did not fit into the FIFA concept of extending the hosting of the World Cup to regions not previously involved.

Questions have to be asked, however, on whether FIFA should have made public the criteria it would use in deciding the hosts for 2018 and 2022.

Australia reportedly spent $43 million on its bid while England spent £15 million. Australia gained one vote for 2022 while England gained two votes for 2018.

This is a massive waste of resources which could have been used in many other ways of football development.

The criteria should have been set out from the beginning to avoid excessive expectations and to avoid excessive expenditure.

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