The International FA Board AGM at Celtic Manor in Wales was one of the least momentous in recent years.

Resolutions were passed about snoods and the colour of tights but the main discussion centred on goal line technology and the UEFA experiment which uses two additional assistants on the goal line.

The report to the IFAB informed the Board of the statistical analysis of the experiment in the UEFA competitions and suggested that the goal line assistant be moved to the same side of the field as the assistant to avoid compromising the normal movement of the referee.

The tests of goal line technology in Zurich in the past few weeks have only confirmed that, as yet, there is no acceptable solution.

The experiment has been extended for another year and hopefully a suitable system will be approved in 2012.

It seems clear that there is a division between FIFA and UEFA on this matter.

Following the England ‘goal’ against Germany in South Africa, FIFA must be seen to do something. Its solution is to look again at goal line technology.

UEFA on the other hand, or particularly its President Michel Platini, has been a long term supporter of additional assistants.

The reality is that there are few leagues or confederations in world football which can afford to have additional assistants, both financially and in terms of numbers of referees.

FIFA voted to continue both experiments and investigations.

Blatter has an election to win and the UEFA votes will be important.

The International FA Board meeting in London in 2012 might produce a different outcome.

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