It was ironic that a goal was awarded to Chelsea in the recent match against Tottenham when the ball had not fully crossed the goal line.

The scorer was Frank Lampard – the same player who had a perfectly good goal disallowed in the 2010 FIFA World Cup against Germany.

Some would say that this is just an example of things evening themselves out but I am sure that would be hard to accept in the English dressing room in Bloemfontain or the Spurs dressing room in London.

FIFA will continue to test goal line technology on behalf of the International FA Board.

There will be a two phase series of tests.

Companies will have until 3rd June to register an interest with FIFA .They will need to demonstrate 90 per cent accuracy rates for their prototype systems to get through the first phase and then 100 per cent success in the second stage.

The tests will be divided into three parts:

Shots from all over the pitch will be fired into an empty net and the success rate must be 100 per cent.

There will also be dynamic tests where a ball-shooting machine will fire shots into the goal.  There will be a fixed wall which will prevent the whole ball passing over the goal line then it will be moved back inside the goal at different distances from the line.  A 90 per cent success rate is needed in this test.

Finally there will be a static test when a ball will be placed on a sledge and moved in slow motion across the line, sometimes with the ball rotating. Again, a 90 per cent success rate is required.

Companies that pass phase one – which will take place between September and December this year – will then move on to the second phase which will take place early next year.

These tests will be more rigorous and will require 100 per cent accuracy.

If a system is successful it is planned to use it in the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Don’t hold your breath however.

Goal line technology, under the criteria set by FIFA and the International FA Board, is a major technological challenge but for a company which comes up with the solution it could be a very lucrative business.

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