Gesture politics are rarely successful.

The Football Association and the Scottish Football Association, the two oldest football associations in world football, attempted to have the FIFA Presidential Election postponed in view of the claims of corruption and malpractice which have surfaced in recent days.

They would have required 156 member associations out of the 208 members of FIFA to have supported a motion which was proposed only a few days ago.

It had no chance of success and has only proved how out of touch some of the leaders of British football are with the world game.

England have a particular grievance after their failure to gain only two votes in the first round of voting for the 2018 FIFA World Cup but this was not the way to move forward. If they felt so strongly they should have started their campaign weeks ago.

As far as Scotland is concerned, what on earth were they thinking?

They have tagged along on England’s coat tails with a proposal which has no chance of succeeding, alienates a large number of FIFA members and could have long term effect on Scotland’s privileged position, with the other British associations, as separate entities, members of the International FA Board and the right to elect a British Vice President of FIFA.

The leaders of the FA and the SFA need to wake up to the realities of world football.

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