Things have gone quiet on FIFA matters in the last week.

The election is over and Sepp Blatter has been overwhelmingly confirmed as the President of FIFA for the next four years.

Be prepared for fallout, however.

Traditionally, FIFA General Secretaries have been an endangered species after every election since 2002.

The then General Secretary, Michel Zen Ruffinen, made strong accusations about financial irregularities against the FIFA President, Sepp Blatter. At one time Blatter’s position was under threat in a finely balanced FIFA Executive Committee with most of the UEFA members demanding his resignation.

However a small, but highly significant, change in the UEFA representatives on the FIFA Executive Committee after the UEFA Congress gave Blatter the votes he needed to survive.

He won the election in Seoul, Korea and Zen Ruffinen was sacked.

The next FIFA General Secretary was Urs Linsi, former FIFA Director of Finance and Depute General Secretary to Zen Ruffinen. He had been instrumental in arranging the financial package which allowed FIFA to overcome the failure of ISL its main marketing partner and his reward was to be the next General Secretary.

Again he failed to survive long after the 2006 Congress. He had fallen out with some of the Executive Committee, notably Jack Warner of CONCACAF, and he was the fall guy – albeit he allegedly left with a massive payoff to soften the blow.

He was succeeded by Jerome Valcke, formerly the FIFA Marketing Director. Ten months earlier Valcke had been sacked by FIFA after a New York judge ruled he had lied to two groups – MasterCard and Visa – bidding for the right to sponsor the 2010 and 2014 World Cups. FIFA eventually agreed an out of court settlement of $90 million.

His appointment astonished many but who can predict or understand such things in FIFA?

The question now is will he keep his job after the revelations in an e-mail to Jack Warner, subsequently clarified, when he suggested that Mohamed Bin Hammam, Blatter’s Presidential opponent, was trying to buy FIFA in the same way that he had bought the World Cup 2022 for Qatar?

Things have gone quiet for the moment but they have not gone away nor been forgotten.

As was said earlier General Secretaries have been an endangered species after every election.

They may be endangered but they are not protected!

It couldn’t happen again, could it?

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