The decision of Jack Warner, the President of CONCAF and FIFA Vice-President to resign following allegations of corruption has created a major power vacuum in the region.

Previously Warner could deliver 35 votes to the FIFA Congresses, making him a big player in the politics of global football. He has now resigned to concentrate on his role as Minister of Transport in the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and after him there is a significant void.

There was obviously a breakdown in the relationship between Warner and the whistle blower Chuck Blazer from USA, the General Secretary of CONCACAF.

Blazer, however is not a spokesman or representative for US Soccer. He has a position on the all powerful FIFA Executive Committee and this will be further consolidated following his divulgence of information which was hugely significant to the unopposed election of Sepp Blatter as FIFA President at the 2011 FIFA Congress.

Under Warner the Caribbean countries have dominated CONCACAF to the exclusion of the two biggest countries, USA and Mexico.

The election of a new CONCACAF President will be highly significant.

It is unlikely it will be an American, given Chuck Blazer’s position on the FIFA Executive Committee, but maybe a Mexican candidate will emerge to represent the major countries in CONCACAF and re-address the balance of power which had swung to the Caribbean.

The next few months will be very interesting – and very political!

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