It is the silly season again. At least I hope it is.

When football has its summer break in Europe there is normally nothing else to fill the sports pages – apart from Wimbledon, F1, the US Open Golf Championship, the Open Championship and the Tour de France.

Oh and there is also the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the FIFA U-17 World Cup and the Copa America.

Someone has raised the suggestion that FIFA is considering changing the way football is played by having three periods of 30 minutes instead of two periods of 45 minutes.

Why the possible change?

It is reported that it is because if, no when, the FIFA World Cup is held in Qatar in 2022, the weather will be around 50°C, too hot for the players to play 45 minutes.

First of all you have to ask the question ‘if the intensive heat is such a problem, why did FIFA decide to go to Qatar in the first place.’

But enough of the decisions of the FIFA Executive Committee!

Before the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany there were requests from the host nation to make a change to the Laws. Quite a simple request really.

If the International FA Board would agree to make the half time interval 20 minutes instead of 15, it would allow more advertising to be sold on television and the 20 minute interval would be less of an inconvenience to those enjoying corporate hospitality.

Thankfully the IFAB were not convinced by the argument and the proposal was thrown out, as will happen to the suggestion of the ‘three halves.’

Football must never allow the Laws to be changed because of commercial considerations, as in the case of Germany, or because of climatic considerations, as in the case of the Qatar scenario.

The Laws of the Game must preserve their integrity.

Wouldn’t it be great if other aspects of the game did the same!

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