When a penalty kick is awarded, it is uncommon for no infringement to take place – either by the defenders, the attackers or both.

Goalkeepers almost always infringe the Laws by moving forward from the goal line before the ball is kicked.

I was involved with the change to the Laws in 1997 which removed the compulsory caution for a player or players who encroached at the taking of a penalty kick.

The argument was that this would give the referee the opportunity to have the kick retaken without administering an automatic sanction.

I now think this was a wrong decision and it should be rectified.

When encroachment takes place at a penalty kick the offender should be punished by a yellow card.

When goalkeepers move forward from their goal line they should also be cautioned.

This is the only way to deal with encroachment at penalty kicks.

If the International F A Board decides that this is a matter of serious concern, it must now apply appropriate sanctions.

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