The present cricket test series between England and India has thrown up a major controversy.

Ian Bell, one of England’s top batsmen, was given out after a misunderstanding about an incident which happened just before the tea interval.

Bell thought the ball had gone for four runs and walked to the pavilion.

The ball had, however, had not gone over the boundary and he was ruled out when the ball was returned and he was out of his crease.

There was a great amount of feeling about the decision between the two teams and discussions took place between the umpires and the captains during the tea break.

Technically Bell was out!

India took to the field after tea to boos from the spectators but the boos turned to cheers of appreciation when Ian Bell returned to the field to resume his innings.

The spirit of the game had overtaken the Laws of the Game.

This is very commendable and the Indian team deserve absolute credit for its support of the spirit of the game and for its integrity.

There is a great danger in taking such major decisions.

In football would a player admit he has cheated by diving in the penalty area and ask the referee to change a decision?

The answer is 100% NO!

The Laws of the Game are more important than the spirit of the game.

Technically Bell was out and should have taken no further part in the innings.

Maybe football could learn a lot from cricket, however.

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