I have just watched the Europa League match between Celtic and Udinese.

I thought referee Bulent Yildirin from Turkey looked very impressive for 87 minutes.

He was always close to the action and gave his decisions with authority.

He will always remembered, however, not for the 87 minutes of excellent refereeing, but for a major mistake three minutes for time when he wrongly awarded a penalty kick to Udinese.

He was perfectly positioned to see the incident but inexplicably awarded a penalty kick when no offence seemed to have occurred.

Yildrin is not normally appointed to major UEFA Champions League matches and this was an opportunity for him to impress the powers that be in UEFA.

In my opinion, however, he failed the ultimate test.

Had he given this critical penalty decision in an important Champions League match say between Barcelona and Manchester United, the fall out would have been even more controversial.

A match lasts 90 minutes and a referee is judged on his performance over the whole match.

If he makes even just one major error he has to accept the consequences.

He is always only as good as his last decision.

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