FC Barcelona is the best team in the world, probably better than the Spanish national team.

Spain are the FIFA World Cup Holders and UEFA Champions while Barcelona are the FIFA World Club Champions and the winners of the UEFA Champions League.

Spanish football is in a strong position at the moment.

Barcelona keep possession often on an 80% to 20% ratio to the opposition.

The players have fantastic skills.

Iniesta, Messi and co are world class players and to see them play as a unit is amazing.

I saw tonight on television the La Liga match between Barcelona and Racing Santander.

Today I have also watched the top English match between Liverpool and Manchester United and the Scottish Premier League match between Kilmarnock and Celtic.

The tactics were different and the skill levels in the English and Scottish matches were nowhere near as high as in the Spanish match.

The crowd reactions, however, were also very different.

The Spanish spectators seemed to sit back and admire the fantastic skills of the Barca players while the English and Scottish crowds generated a passion which was missing in Spain.

Any Liverpool v Manchester United match is a tense, competitive spectacle while today’s Scottish match featured an amazing comeback by Celtic from 3-0 down in the last 20 minutes to level the match 3-3.

I love to see and admire the skills of Barca and Spain with their ability to retain possession and score fantastic goals.

I believe, however, that in terms of spectator enjoyment and passion the British game has a lot to offer.

Maybe that is why the English Premier League is the most popular and lucrative league in the world.

Barca players have fantastic skills but would you like to watch this type of football every week?

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