Following the FIFA Executive Committee Meeting on 21st October, President Sepp Blatter announced to the world that he would support the documents prepared by the High Court in the Swiss canton of Zug relating to the collapse of the marketing company ISL being made public.

This was a massive about turn by Blatter considering FIFA had done everything in its power to keep these papers secret over a number of years.

The documents are alleged to show that illegal payments had been made to high ranking FIFA office bearers.

By agreeing to make the 42-page file public, FIFA has taken a step forward. But not too big a step.

The FIFA Executive Committee only agreed to release the file and it is now for the lawyers to work out which parts will be released to the public and when they can actually be made available.

FIFA has also announced that the document will be passed to an independent body which will investigate any officials involved in any wrongdoing.

Who is on this independent body and when it will meet are unclear but it is expected to report by the end of the year.

If this report is as damning as has been suggested, high level heads should role at FIFA.

But will they?

FIFA has had more Task Forces than NATO.

They are used as vehicles to take contentious subjects for a long walk before they get lost in the long grass.

The new task forces that Blatter will set up also look at governance, suitability for office, ethics and a regulatory group.

Blatter has been in charge of FIFA, either as General Secretary or President for nearly 30 years.

The troubles have happened on his watch but few decisive actions have been taken.

The pressure is now building up however.

In May 2011 he said that there was no crisis in FIFA.

Recent events suggest there is.

Send for the task force!

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