Much has been said, particularly in the English media, about FIFA’s decision to ban England players from wearing shirts embroidered with a poppy in the forthcoming match with Spain.

The poppy is a special symbol for the British to remember those who gave their lives in military conflicts over the years, not just in the two World Wars.

Millions of Brits stand in silence to respect the two minute silence at the 11th hour of the 11th month every year.

Factories and offices will come to a halt for what is a special moment in Britain to respect our fallen heroes.

But I believe that FIFA were correct to ban England from having the poppy embroidered on their shirts.

International shirts have always been free of sponsorship logos and rightly so.

They have also been free of any political or religious messages.

Only the manufacture’s logo, the competition logo and the Fair Play logo are permitted.

The FIFA ban on wearing a poppy embroidered on a football jersey was correct.

To allow England to wear the poppy would set a precedent for all 208 members of FIFA to have special jerseys created to remember special events in their own history.

A sensible compromise has been reached which allows England players to wear a poppy on their black armbands.

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